Evaluation Criteria


We take the grant review process very seriously.  Each complete proposal that fits our priorities and meets our minimum requirements is carefully read, researched and evaluated against the criteria below. Proposals fully meeting the criteria are compared to each other in order to determine how best to invest our limited resources. We cannot fund all of the excellent proposals that fully meet our evaluation criteria.

Successful applicants will demonstrate: 

  1. Fit with Carolyn Foundation funding priorities: Applicants should address their fit with the environmental grant priorities and systems approach.
  2. A compelling environmental need and a credible plan to meet that need: Clearly explain the need/issue that you are addressing and provide best practice models and/or logic models that demonstrate why and how the chosen approach will work.
  3. Qualified staff & organization leadership: Provide information regarding staff skills, experiences and prior success. In addition, please include a list of the applicant’s Board of Trustees.
  4. Systemic alignment within the community. Explain the relationship to and distinction from other similar and/or cooperating agencies.
  5. Sound fiscal policies, management and financial health: Provide required financial information and past and anticipated sources of financial support.
  6. 6. Solid outcomes and evaluation processes: Provide clear outcome measures and a detailed plan for evaluating the results of the proposed project including performance measures.