Middle School Children & Youth Guidelines

***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: These guidelines have changed*** 

Minneapolis Middle School Children & Youth

Carolyn Foundation will fund programs that encourage low-income middle school students in Minneapolis to attend high performing/potential schools.   We will provide support programs during and after school that help ensure that those schools are relevant to this student population. In programs that operate in K-8 settings, Carolyn Foundation will consider funding programs designed specifically for the middle school (G 6-7-8) population of those schools.

Please read the priorities for  School-Based Programs and Community-Based Programs.

In all cases we look for programs that are developmentally appropriate, culturally aware and based on best practice or research based.    Click the following links for more information about program design for middle school age youth: 


Review our online application questions to see the information we request to assess an organization’s fit with our priorities. To do this: log into the online application system, click “Apply” at the top of your page, “Preview” under the program you’d like to review, and “Question List” at the top right.