Guidelines Community Based Programs


We will consider community-based programs in the following high need neighborhoods:  Shingle Creek, Lind-Bohanon, Victory, Webber-Camden, Cleveland, Folwell, Mckinley, Jordan, Hawthorne, Willard-Hay, Near North, Harrison, Sumner-Glenwood, Elliot Park, Cedar-Riverside, Ventura Village, Whittier, Phillips, Seward, Longfellow, Jordan, Cooper, Central, Powderhorn Park, Corcoran, and Standish We are interested in programs that:

  • Inform families’ about proven and promising schools and enable them to advocate for their students’ success.
  • Provide enrichment/development programs that are relevant to low-income students.
  • Provide access to resources to promote healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Assist young people to develop positive relationships with adults, life skills and positive decision-making.
  • Provide direct access to quality arts and creative expression.

As we review proposals, we carefully look at the middle school age populations being served and focus our efforts on those with significant economic challenges typically as indicated by eligibility for free or reduced lunch. We will seek programs that apply proven best practices (see links on previous page) and respectfully support these young people and their families in culturally appropriate ways.

In addition to our continuing emphasis on developmentally appropriate programs designed for middle school students, we also recognize the importance of culturally relevant programs, staff and organizations that empower young people to develop agency, independence, and empowerment. We prefer programs that explicitly demonstrate an equity, inclusion, and empowerment lens in their work.