Minneapolis Community Vitality Guidelines

***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: These guidelines have been updated as of 12/2018***

Carolyn Foundation wants to fund organizations in Minneapolis whose missions are to bring actual people together to build a shared community through arts, culture and community engagement by:

  • Intentionally connecting and/or bridging diverse groups;
  • Engaging in deliberate cross cultural work
  • Supporting underrepresented, marginalized, minority, and/or immigrant groups to develop and share their culture and experiences with others

Our preference and intent is to provide general operating support to small and medium-sized organizations whose missions are to build cross-cultural relationships:

  • Small-sized organizations with budgets less than $1,000,000 or;
  • Medium-sized organizations with budgets between $1,000,000 – $4,000,000 and;
  • Organizations where the leadership (executive and board) and staff represent/reflect the target constituency

This is a very competitive category; our intent is to fund 3-5 organizations per funding cycle.

Types of organizations that do not fit our funding priorities:

  • Large general arts/cultural organizations
  • General arts organizations
  • Media and Journalism 
  • Business networks, economic development activity 
  • Social service/basic needs
  • Children & youth programs

Review our online application questions to see the information we request to assess an organization’s fit with our priorities. To do this: log into the online application system, click “Apply” at the top of your page, “Preview” under the program you’d like to review, and “Question List” at the top right.