Self Assessment Test

Please use the following as a guide to determine if your proposal fits the most basic criteria for Carolyn Foundation middle school age youth funding. Meeting this minimum standard only assures that your proposal will be considered, not an indication of likely funding.

  1. Have you read the Carolyn Foundation Guidelines including the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available on this website? If No, please do so before proceeding.
  2. Are the primary beneficiaries of your program middle school youth? (grades 6-8, ages 12-14). Funding for other age groups will be on an exception basis depending on available funds.
    _____ Yes _____ No
  3. Do most of the youth who benefit from this program live in Minneapolis, MN?
    _____ Yes _____ No
  4. Are the majority of children benefiting from this program eligible for free or reduced lunch?
    _____ Yes _____ No
  5. Is your program based on documented “best practices” and or a clearly defined logic model* demonstrating how and why the program will be effective? (*Please see links on the bottom of this page.)
    _____ Yes _____ No
  6. On a site visit will we observe the following best practice program design and implementation?
    _____ Yes _____ No

    Engaged Youth
    High participation – youth vote with their feet, A sense of connection
    Passion – “Spark” commitment, program ownership
    Voice & Choice input
    Collective Action & Shared Youth Power

    Quality Design
    Appropriate supervision & structure
    Intentional programming – not just hanging out
    Well-prepared staff
    Partnerships with families, community organizations and schools

    Youth Workers
    Model positive behavior
    Actively promote student mastery
    Listen attentively
    Frequently provide individual feedback/guidance
    Effective Group Management
    Clear expectations for mature & respectful peer interaction

If your answer is NO to any of the above questions, it is unlikely that your program fits our guidelines and we would discourage you from applying.

If you answered yes to all of the questions please feel free to submit an application.

If you answered no to one question and you think you fit our guidelines please call Becky Erdahl, Executive Director, 612-596-3279, or email [email protected] before applying to discuss your fit with our priorities.

If you answered no to two or more of these it is very unlikely that you would receive funding from Carolyn Foundation.


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