Carolyn Foundation stands in solidarity against institutionalized racism.

Dear Friends and Colleagues;

Carolyn Foundation joins our community and those all over the world in grieving the murder of George Floyd. We support the urgent call for an end to police brutality that has taken far too many black lives. We stand in solidarity with the protesters who are demanding action now, and we stand against the institutionalized racism that has plagued our nation for far too long. 

We see the dual epidemics of racism and Covid-19 ravaging the Black community, Indigenous communities, and other communities of color. We commit to learn, listen and engage as our partners lead to bring about lasting and meaningful change.

In response:
We doubled giving in 2020 to 10% of our assets. We will continue our regular grantmaking, provide additional support for immediate relief efforts, and invest in advocacy and systemic change so institutions no longer systematically and routinely advantage whites over people of color. We recognize that the events of the past few months are a call to action, and we hope that others with the capacity to do so will also consider increasing their annual payout.

As we continue, we will:

  • Strive to work as a community ally to address the underlying inequality that results in persistent racial and other disparities in our communities. 
  • Re-examine and challenge our role in systems of power and inequity to ensure our grantmaking approach creates outcomes that build and reinforce just systems.​
  • Examine our structures, processes, behaviors, and relationships to challenge our assumptions and biases and to strengthen our values.

Amid the hard work to be done, we see glimmers of hope as we see diverse coalitions coming together to oppose oppression and demand change. We want to be a part of that change.

In solidarity, and with gratitude for all those climbing this steep path to justice and change,

Lesley Crosby, Board Chair