Carolyn Foundation has two categories of grant making, Community Grantmaking in our historic cities of New Haven, CT and Minneapolis, MN and Climate Change Grantmaking in Minnesota.

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Within community grantmaking we focus on economically disadvantaged children and youth:

We seek to empower economically disadvantaged children and youth by supporting their families and others to inspire, nurture, educate and guide them to achieve long-term stability and well-being.

Within climate change grantmaking we focus on efforts to mitigate and adapt for climate change:

We will make targeted investments in Minnesota to bring about systemic change, funding programs such as: mobilize citizen and communities to take action; policy education informing and educating policy makers on the the climate implications of various policy decision; administrative action working with public utility regulators and others to make sure policies are implemented effectively and promoting sustainable community solutions that build capacity, understanding and commitment to clean energy.