Strategic Philanthropy

Impact Investing
Carolyn Foundation currently holds $4 million in social impact-generating bonds in Minneapolis, MN, and New Haven, CT. Our primary interests are in affordable housing, clean energy, and education. Our other investment holdings have gone through screens to ensure that we are not unwittingly holding investments that run counter to our priorities, particularly our Climate Change objectives.

Strategic Grantmaking
Carolyn Foundation has been making foundation-initiated grants for the past 20 years. These grants support our existing grantmaking priorities: Climate Change in Minnesota and Children and Youth in New Haven, CT, and Minneapolis, MN.

We’ve found long-term strategic grants the best way to make a meaningful difference by addressing root causes and effecting long-term systemic change. Therefore we intend to continue to grow this part of our grantmaking as promising opportunities arise.

For Carolyn Foundation, promising opportunities are:

  • Aligned with our existing funding priorities
  • Opportunistic vs. Foundation manufactured
  • Grounded in community needs assessment and/or systems mapping
  • Systems change addressing root causes
  • Aligned & committed partners
    • Impacted community members
    • Relevant process holders & service providers
    • Foundations and funders
  • Sustained over time

Click here for more information about our strategic Climate Change and Children & Youth grantmaking.