Online Grant Application Link


Our next grant deadlines are February 1 and August 1 each year; please see below for timelines.

February 1 Deadline
Online application available: December 15
Proposal review: February-May
Grants paid: June

August 1 Deadline
Online application available: June 15
Proposal review: August-December
Grants paid: January of following year

Any declination will be notified as soon as a decision is made.  Final recommendations will go to the board of trustees in May and December and grants will be paid according to the schedule above.

Click here for the online application. Please note, you do not need an access code.

At the beginning of the application, there are short summary questions and check boxes that will be used for sorting, reporting and assigning reviewers. In the narrative portion, you will have more room to elaborate on your answers. There is an optional question toward the end with a one page text area where you can share a story, show your impact and/or provide additional information that didn’t seem to fit in the prior questions.

Below are samples of our application packets.  Please review the best fit packet for your organization before starting an application.  This will help you evaluate your fit and gather your data before you begin.

Environmental Application Packet (Sample)

Minneapolis Community Vitality Application Packet (Sample)

Minneapolis Middle School Youth Application Packet (Sample)

New Haven Community Vitality Application Packet (Sample)

New Haven Children and Youth Application Packet (Sample)

Basic information regarding the on-line application:

To get started you will need to create a user account with a user name and password. Keep this simple and easy to remember and to write it down so you can come back to your application as needed. Do not create more than one user account per organization. If multiple people will be working on the application, please share the same account, user name and password.

Review all of the questions before beginning the application, there is a print question option to make this easy to do. You can save or print the questions. You can cut and paste your answers from another document into the application. Pay attention to the character limits (3500 characters roughly equals one page). Spaces count as characters and this may not perfectly match your word processing so allow a bit of space and/or time to make adjustments. All questions with an asterisk are required. In one case we created a dummy date of 01/01/1901 to be used if you do not have a date answer to the question. If there is a required question that you cannot answer, please contact Becky Erdahl at 612-596-3279.

There are upload requirements for the application. Only one document can be uploaded per question. You cannot delete an uploaded document but it can be replaced if you upload a new document. Documents will not appear as uploaded until you have hit SAVE.

To print drafts of your proposal prior to or after submission, use the Print Packet button to create a PDF document that you can save or print.

When you are working on the grant, be sure to save your work often. After 40 minutes of inactivity you will be timed out of the system and any unsaved information will be lost.
The proposal does not need to be completed in one session and can be edited until you submit. After submission, you can view but not edit the proposal.

If you cannot remember your password, please do not create a new account. Instead, click forgot password and the system will email you the password or a reminder.

If you are a past applicant and you would like to logon to see your application information, please follow this link: Grant Database.

If you are interested in a tutorial, please click here and here.

If you have feedback AFTER you have completed the application and/or suggestions for improving the process for our next cycle please email it to: Becky Erdahl.  Your feedback will not impact your grant application.