Strategic Climate Change Grantmaking

Increased Funding for Climate Change, Clean Energy, and Equity Issues in Minnesota

Carolyn Foundation believes 2023 provides a unique and critical opportunity to make significant progress on climate, clean energy, and equity issues in Minnesota. In coordination with Energy Foundation and other funders, Carolyn Foundation has worked quickly to identify and support organizations whose participation in the 100% Campaign is critical to its success:

We are so proud of the outstanding work of all of these groups. With the passage of the 100% Clean Energy Bill, MN is now a climate change leader in the US. Carolyn Foundation will make additional climate change grants over the next 2-3 years to support the successful implementation of state and federal climate change policy.

Core Climate Change Partners
Through its history of strategic climate change grantmaking, Carolyn Foundation identified a cohort of organizations leading the way on climate change in Minnesota. This cohort developed into our Core Climate Change Partners, which are listed here.